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Insurance by a lump-sum contribution

Fill out the boxes and as a result you will get the amount of your first monthly pension as well as the increase of the amount of the pension during the period of its payment.

These calculations are exemplary and are made using the following parameters:

Lump-sum contributions
Lump-sum contribution: BGN
Period of insurance: years
Net annual yield: %
Yield for the period of pension payment:: %

Accumulated amount: BGN
Pension type: 5 years 10 years 15 years
Pension amount:
Pension increase:
At the end of the first year
At the end of the second year
At the end of the third year
At the end of the fourth year
At the end of the fifth year
At the end of the sixth year  
At the end of the seventh year  
At the end of the eighth year  
At the end of the ninth year  
At the end of the tenth year  
At the end of the fiveteenth year    

1. Fee charged on every lump-sum contribution:

  •  4% for contributions of up to BGN 1 000
  •  3.5% for contributions of BGN 1 001 to BGN 5 000
  •  2.5% for contributions above BGN 5 000, but no more than BGN 500.

2. Investment fee 9% of the realized annual yield;
3. Technical interest rate used in determining the amount of the pension 4%;
4. Retirement age 2019 - 64 years and 2 months for men and 61 years and 4 months for women.

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