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Policy for Promoting Corporate Charity among Company’s Personnel


Corporate charitable contributions by the personnel of PAC Doverie are part of the corporate culture that the Company encourages and seeks to promote. Corporate charity finds expression in organizing and conducting charitable campaigns at the initiative of/ or among the Company's personnel.

Corporate charity by the employees is a voluntary undertaking and may not obstruct the discharge of their direct official duties or burden their personal life or finances.

Corporate charity does not seek to serve any image-building purposes for PAC Doverie. It encourages a spirit of philanthropy, social responsibility and empathy, as well as teamwork.



Corporate charity endeavors of the personnel of PAC Doverie are defined as offering financial, in kind donations or donated labour on behalf of the Company's employees to the benefit of a charitable cause and/ or a person or organization in need.

Corporate charity of PAC Doverie's personnel is distinguished from the personal charitable acts in the sense that, in performing corporate charity, the company's employees are identified as members of the Company's staff and/ or they take the initiative for the campaign, or join into charitable events and campaigns initiated by PAC Doverie or organized by other entities and embraced by the Company.

Corporate charity of Doverie's employees is voluntary and participation in it may not affect in any way the appraisal of the employees, their remuneration or career development.


PAC Doverie:

For the purposes of corporate charity by its employees, PAC Doverie ensures the following:

  • 1. The organization of the charitable campaigns or initiatives - communicating the initiative to the employees, informing them of the possible forms of participation, taking care of the organization and reporting the outcomes;
  • 2. Meeting the purpose - ensuring that the donated funds and in kind contributions are delivered to the target donees and are spent for the exact purposes for which they have been raised;
  • 3. Informing the employees of the outcomes of the charitable campaign or initiative.


PAC Doverie encourages corporate social responsibility by means of:

  • 1. Matching the total collective charitable contributions made by the employees in the form of donations for a specific cause or a specific donee or contributing a bigger amount;
  • 2. In case of in kind donations in support of a given cause or a donee, contributing - at its discretion - assets belonging to the Company or purchased specifically for the charitable cause;
  • 3. In case of donated labour, the Company takes care of the organization and logistics of the initiative, and, if considered appropriate or needed, the organization of supplementary events for the employees involved in the campaign;
  • 4. Making sure that the donations are used according to purpose and informing all Company employees of the outcomes.


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