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"PensionsEurope deeply concerned with developments in Bulgaria"
Pressrelease of the organization PensionsEurope
Declaration by the International Federation of Pension Fund Administrators (FIAP)
"Doverie above all"
Daniela Petkova for the "Forbes" magazine
Solidarity pension systems will not disappear, but will undergo serious reforms
Interview with Daniela Petkova, Chair of the Management Board of PAC Doverie, published in Capital Weekly
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Unit values data for the day on the new site of PAC Doverie on https://www.poc-doverie.bg/bg
Pension Insurance Company "Doverie"

All about PIC Doverie and supplementary pension insurance on tel.

0 700 13 400 (a local call, according to your plan) and

 Checking up the balance in the individual account (IA) for M-tel and Telenor subscribers - by SMS sent to phone number 190001. Manner of using the service - here.


Head Office:
Sofia 1113
13 B,
 Tintyava Str.
Tel.: (359-2) 46 46 173
e-mail: head@poc-doverie.bg



Customer service:


(359-2)  46 46 173

0 700 13 400 (a local call, according to your plan)




Chair of the Management Board's (Mrs. Daniela Petkova) Office:


Tel.: (359-2)  46 46 222

Fax: (359-2) 937 50 15
e-mail: head@poc-doverie.bg 





The contact information for all the offices of PIC Doverie around the country you can find in Company offices


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