Life is full of events and experience, of success and failure. Our plans do not always materialize the way we expected. It is hard to make forecasts even for tomorrow, to say nothing for years ahead. That is why we work hard for you to worry less about your future. And we give much of ourselves so that the old age becomes a period of life full of dignity, pleasure and ease.

We know that the business we are in is related mostly with money management, but we know even better that it has far more significant social dimensions, that the results we achieve will bring more smiles and security for thousands of families.

We believe that our activity is based on responsibility - towards those who have devoted part of their road of life to work for the company, to every one of those who have chosen to be our clients, to those who are still not, to the people that have invested in our business and expect to profit from it. 

The understanding of that responsibility leads us naturally to the selection, training, creating an appropriate working environment and development of specialists sharing our common values. That understanding also underlies the entire public presence of the company; it determines our attitude towards clients, society, laws and institutions, and towards ourselves. It makes us work effectively to the limit and achieve significant results that would satisfy each one of our clients, employees and shareholders.

Since for us people are the most important capital of a firm, we constantly and regularly invest in forming professionals and teams of competent, motivated, purposeful, loyal and work-dedicated people. Each of them with his/her individuality, ambitions, faults and achievements is part of PIC Doverie, embeds his image into the image of the company and thus the company grows and develops open and straightforward, subject to the daily judgment and rating of government institutions, the financial markets, the competition, the shareholders, the clients and society as a whole.

And that rating binds and motivates, it is one of the most powerful spurs for development. That is why we go ahead striving to offer better and better investment results, better customer service, better transparency, stability and professionalism.

That is our mission and responsibility - to always succeed in our commitment to you, our clients. That is who we are, that is PIC Doverie, and with the whole authority and belief in the rightness of what we are doing, we suggest that you and us can talk with confidence about the future.