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The pros of pension insurance
It is hard to feel easy for your future when you don't feel secure today, but on the other hand it is impossible to solve many problems of today without a clear vision of the closer or far distant future. The subject about the income and the living standard after retirement is one of the things which no matter whether we like or not we should address with the necessary responsibility and objectivity in order to deal with a fundamental social problem and, personally, to escape from the doom of the today's pensioners.


Fortunately today we have the right instrument to overcome that problem and that is the three pillar pension insurance system already functioning in Bulgaria. It allows people through participation in all the three forms of pension insurance to provide for themselves the necessary income after retirement.  

The new system divides the responsibility among the individual, the employer and the state, where the personal responsibility is of key importance and no one could blame the government in future for that he had not taken the right decisions for himself at the right time. 

It allows, as it is in the developed countries, the pension savings of everyone to be invested in economy, thus creating benefits that we could use in our active life. 

So the question is already not whether or why but how long we are going to turn a blind eye and refuse to take our responsibility for our own future? 

And after we have found the answer of that question, we have only to choose the right institution to entrust with our pension savings.

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