On February 12, 2001, PIC Doverie received by SISA Permit № 3 for registration of a general pension fund. On February 13, 2001, by Decision № 1 of Sofia City Court, file № 610, the Company registered Doverie General Pension Fund. By Resolution №337 of August 25, 2003, the Financial Supervision Commission granted fund management permission to PIC Doverie AD for Doverie General Pension Fund. Identification code by National Revenue Agency: 012.

Custodian bank: United Bulgarian Bank AD

Rights deriving from participation in Doverie General Pension Fund

Participation in Doverie GPF shall give the right to:



Specific rights of the members of Doverie GPF

According to the Regulations of the Organization and the Activity of Doverie GPF the members of the fund shall have the right to:

As members of a fund managed by PIC Doverie, the members of Doverie GPF may take full advantage of the client service programs the company realizes for its clients.

Information about amendments and supplementations to the Regulations of the organization and the activity of GPF "Doverie" shall be announced in "Sega" and "24 chasa"newspapers.

Council of Trustees of Doverie GPF

1. LYUDMIL PAVLOV- Chairperson of CT of Doverie GPF, representative of Confederation of Labor Podkrepa,

tel.: 02/ 937 50 58; 

2. STEFANKA PRIMOVA -  Dep. chairperson of CT of Doverie GPF, representative of Confederation of Labor Podkrepa;

3. VESELA BAHCHEVANOVA - representative of CEIBG; 

4. GRIGOR DIMITROV - representative of BIA;

5. NATALIA DICHEVA - representative of BCCI; 

6. ROSITSA STELIYANOVA- representative of BICA;

7. RENETA PETROVA - representative of CITUB;

8. MIHAELA TODOROVA - representative of CITUB; 

9. MIROSLAV MARINOV - representative of PAC Doverie.



Complaints and Appeals Procedures

Contract for Rescheduled Payment of Assets in the Individual Account from Doverie General Pension Fund

Contract for Supplementary Mandatory Pension Insurance with Doverie General Pension Fund

Pension Contract For Payment Of Supplementary Lifelong Old-Age Pension From Doverie General Pension Fund