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"PensionsEurope deeply concerned with developments in Bulgaria"
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Declaration by the International Federation of Pension Fund Administrators (FIAP)
"Doverie above all"
Daniela Petkova for the "Forbes" magazine
Solidarity pension systems will not disappear, but will undergo serious reforms
Interview with Daniela Petkova, Chair of the Management Board of PAC Doverie, published in Capital Weekly
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Investment policy

Pension Insurance Company Doverie invests the money of the insured persons in compliance with the following basic principles:


  •  Profitability and security: achieving maximum return at relatively low risk level;


  •  Diversification: including in the portfolio different types of investment instruments in order to minimize risk, according to the don't-keep-all-your-eggs-in-one-basket wise saying.


  •  Investments within the legal framework: strictly observing the provisions of the Supplementary Voluntary Pension Insurance Act aimed at greater security of the insured persons' funds.


The investment portfolios of the pension funds managed by PIC Doverie are well diversified, achieving the desired balance between risk and return within the framework of the approved investment policy and strictly observing the restrictions imposed by law.


Investment Intermediaries

  1. "UniCredit Bulbank"
  2. "Elana Trading"
  3. "Capman"
  4. "Karoll"
  5. "First Financial Brokerage House"
  6. "Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria)"
  7. "Citigroup Global Markets" Limited 
  8. "KCG Europe" Ltd.
  9. "Cowen Execution Services" LLC
 10. "Sofia International Securities" JSC
 11. "Societe Generale Expressbank"
 12. "Adamant Capital Partners"
 13. "BenchMark Finance"
 14. "Macquarie Group"
 15. "Canaccord Genuity Limited"
 16. "Erste Group Bank DG"


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